Sunday, March 29, 2009

Progressing Slowly

Everything is going well so far, but progression is slow. She is still only 1cm dilated, but has thinned out a lot. They are starting a pitocin drip at 10:00 to create stronger contractions. The pill they gave her when she first got here created lots of mild contractions, but not much progress; and the baby didn't seem to like it very much at first either. The doctor said there is a 60% chance of C-section based on the circumstances she came in under (1st baby, no contractions, baby sitting high, not dilating much yet). We are going to go see how things progress through the rest of the night and may make a decision on that if we need to around 6:00 - 7:00 am. We'll keep posting as we can.


Andree said...

Poor Allison! We'll be saying some prayers for you guys tonight...that everything happens just the way it's supposed to. The doctors threatened to do a C-section with Charlotte, too. It was the moment they prepped Dre for it that Charlotte decided she would grace us with her presence. She's just as stubborn today! Love you guys...hang in there!

David, Dre, and Charlotte

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that it is going so slow, but she is in the best hands! :-) Praying for you guys and hoping things speed up. I can't wait to meet Rylan Reese!!


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you guys. Hate that its taking so long. Before you know it you will be holding that precious little girl in your arms. Love ya Talley

Anonymous said...

Just realized I didnt sign my name to the previous post. I am sure Allison could figure it out by the mcmonkeys... love ya Brandy McConnell

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