Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ok, Allison's water broke this afternoon around 2:45 while we were at Target. We got to the hospital at about 5:00, checked in, and are settled in to our delivery room now. Alli has not had any contractions yet, so they just gave her a pill to help get those going. Thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers! We'll post updates and pictures as we can.

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Bryan said...

Got a call from Ryan at about 9:02pm Sunday evening and Alli is still 1 cm dilated, but she is really thin. The drs. have said that their is a 60% chance a C-section might have to take place if things do not naturally progress by 6 or 7 am tomorrow morning. The drs. have started Alli with drips of labor juice (not real sure what drugs Ryan said, but you get the point.) Stay tuned!

Bryan "Daisy" Croy

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